In addition to written translations Merciere also provides interpretation services. In all kinds of situations, a professional interpreter is exactly what is required. Despite having a high opinion of your language skills, a meeting with foreign business partner (face to face) may prove the contrary! An interpreter at your disposal is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and professionalism. Negotiation with business partners of Asian origin, for example, conducted in their mother-tongue may easily open the door to new opportunities. Merciere's professional interpreters adhere to strict nondisclosure agreements, so you never need be concerned that any confidential information will be leaked.

Telephone Interpreting

You have probably encountered this. Payment from your foreign client is overdue, they aren’t responding to your emails and you cannot speak their language. Merciere will help and support you. If you tell us what you wish to discuss with the other party, Merciere's professional interpreters will make the call and cover everything so you don’t have to.

Interpreting at congresses, conferences and meetings

Are you going to celebrate a company anniversary and are considering inviting foreign business partners to meet with you? Merciere agency is able to provide you with interpretation equipment (interpretation through headphones) and can take care of all organizational, technical and linguistic aspects of such an event.

Ask for a quote for interpreting.


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