Technical translations

We provide technical translations to all companies engaged in different industries who are looking for the highest-quality services. We value quality above quantity so the accuracy and precision of technical and professional documents is of prime importance to us.

Why does precision matter?

This can be easily illustrated by the term "dead man" used in the area of trains. Rather than referring to a man who has died, this term represents an important system for ensuring the vigilance of the driver. In much the same way, during on-board software localization, the literal translation produced by an unaware translator could introduce an error into the comprehensive documentation and, in extreme cases, even jeopardize the whole process of rail vehicle homologation.

We provide translation service for:

  • Technical manuals
  • Instructions, handbooks, operation manuals
  • Bill of materials
  • Documentation for machinery and equipment
  • Mechanical drawings (CAD software)
  • Terminological dictionaries

Merciere specialises in a number of language combinations, however the majority are European. We provide translations from English, German, French, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Russian and Romanian into Czech and vice versa. Of course, we are able to arrange translations between different language combinations as well.

To meet high standards, our experts and linguists use specialised software, including CAT tools (Computer Assissted Translation). It is the cutting edge technology which on the one hand enhances quality and on the other hand reduces expenses.

What is the magic behind it? These tools are based on so called Translation Memory (TM). The fundamental principle lies in the automatic translation of segments which have been already translated. This way, we are able to deliver quick turnarounds at affordable prices and easily keep track of terminology which leads to higher quality.

We comply with the industrial standards

Merciere does not consider the industrial standards an administrative burden. Observing them, we were able to improve the quality of services provided to our customers. Our processes are fully managed in compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard specifying the requirements for translation services with respect to human and technical resources, quality control and terms for service providing. This standard also defines the processes of translation and the associated aspects including quality assurance and monitoring. Our company complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard as well delimiting the requirements for quality control in general.

Ask for a quote: we are not limited to technical translations!


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