Are you looking for a foreign language version of your instructional film? Then you are in the right place. Merciere is one of the few Czech agencies to have extensive experience in voiceover services. We have become a much sought-after provider of this service and we have also established a partnership with professional actors and dubbing artists. Besides, we also have an extensive database of amateur dubbing artists able to work in all kinds of voices. As a fundamental part of our success, our professional recording studiomeets the most demanding requirements with regards to sound quality.

Are you looking for voiceovers or subtitles?

If the script is unavailable, Merciere can prepare it from the original material, timing included. Once the voiceover has been made as required by the selected talent (speaker), Merciere's studio will process it either into segments or directly into the instructional material. A similar procedure is followed in the case of subtitling. It is a pleasure for Merciere to take care of your professional requirements.

Ask for a quote for our voiceover service.


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