Medical and pharmaceutical translations

At Merciere, medical documents are translated only by highly qualified professionals with a university degree and a good grasp of both language and the specific terminology used in specific fields including pharmacology, clinical medicine and oncology. Qualified translators with perfect language skills are not enough, which is the reason why we also place high value on medical expertise. There is no room for incorrect translations of indications or side-effects, to name two examples. Just imagine the immense potential damage that an inaccurate translation might cause.

Accuracy first

Medical translations are important with regard to human health. Any mistake may have far-reaching or fatal implications. Accuracy and correct interpretation is fundamental at Merciere, which means we can vouch for our proven translators.

Merciere provides comprehensive and professional translations in the fields of

  • Package leaflets
  • Medical reports
  • Clinical studies
  • Professional journal articles
  • Clinical trials documents
  • Medical records
  • Medical device manuals

Merciere specialises in a certain number of language combinations, the majority being European languages. We provide translations from English, German, French, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Russian and Romanian into and from Czech, as well as other combinations.

In order to meet the very highest standards, our experts and linguists utilize extremely specialised software, including CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation). This cutting edge technology enhances the final quality of the translation and reduces expense.

What’s the magic behind it? These tools are based on what is called Translation memory (TM). The fundamental principle lies in the automatic translation of segments, which have been previously translated. In this way, we can deliver a superior service at competitive prices with quick turnarounds, while keeping our eye on the most cutting edge translation tools. What does this technology mean for you? Simply, the highest level of translation services at reduced expense.

We comply with all industrial standards

Merciere does not consider industrial standards to be an administrative burden. By observing the standards, we were able to improve the quality of services provided to our clients. All of our processes are fully compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard, which specifies the requirements for translation services with respect to human and technical resources, quality control and terms for the provision of services. This standard also defines translation processes and associated aspects, including quality assurance and monitoring. Our company complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard as well as delimiting the requirements for quality control in general.

Ask for a quote: we are not limited to medical translations!


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