Marketing localization

What is the purpose of marketing copy? To sell! Merciere has professional translators and marketing consultants, whose magic touch will turn any translation into the desired marketing copy. Through our extensive experience, we are able to pinpoint the exact requirements of your project.

Are you going to sell in foreign markets? Then the concisely elaborated translation is essential!

In the 20's and 30's, Tomáš Baťa was the first to recognize the marketing potential in our country. Slogans, catchwords and copies tailored to the needs of Czechoslovak people would not have been so successful in the other countries into which Baťa expanded. For this purpose, all materials had to be localized, i.e. adapted to the specific market and local mindset. This practice is something which business professionals pay close attention to, especially nowadays. Despite the fact that English has been established as the global language of communication, the full market potential can only be fully exploited through services or products provided in local languages - i.e. the language and the way of thinking of local customers.

Local consultants, translators, potential creative copywriters and most importantly providers or manufacturers included in the marketing localization process should have a clear idea about the customers and market segments they want to reach.

Are you interested in marketing localization? Ask for a quote.


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