Software localization

Software translation or localization does not only concern its developers. Merciere's team of professional localization engineers offer a solution to localization of software and applications directly to the end users. Just provide them with the software source code, strings or extracted texts.

Why localization?

Sometimes, plain translation is not enough. Applications and software often require much more than mere translation. Since the end users speak the target language, applications have to be translated, more than ever, (in the context of the given area) with respect to local customs. The process of adaptation to local customs and user standards is called localization. We can demonstrate the differences in international usage by using the example of the ENTER button on a keyboard. In Czech language, ENTER is either translated as CONFIRM, left in English or simply replaced by OK. Being unfamiliar with the software localization, a translator could translate ENTER as WALK IN, BEGIN etc. By way of contrast, ENTER is the only acceptable term in Polish.

Merciere's professional translators and localization specialists have long-standing experience, which enables them to fine-tune your project.

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