Translation processes

Based on Merciere's experience, manufacturing and trading companies strongly focus on development, strategy planning and higher efficiency and often underestimate the importance of COMMUNICATION. It is important to realise that quality translations and quality, grammatically correct presentations are a fundamental part of communication, which is one of the most important pillars of successful sales.

Translation as a service

Merciere's aim is to give the customers such a high level of support that linguistic services, interpretation and localization will be seen as high-touch requirements. Modern companies do not assign technical documentation to anybody who graduated from a basic level education facility and who lack the necessary education and in-depth knowledge. That is why we only employ translators who are well-versed in their field and who have vast knowledge and know-how.

Identification of requirements and set-up of processes

Here at Merciere, we are proud to have successfully helped our clients with the identification of their translation needs. This has been proven by cases where our client described their documentation flow, which allowed us to set up translation processes accordingly, in a harmonized manner that provided quality and consistent translations that the client required and expected. Initially, we always look for common ground with the client and then make an analysis and finally present a set of measures and recommendations.

Using CAT tools and related technologies, Merciere can compile our client's older translations into Translation Memories (TM) or create a Term Base (TB) which is then strictly used in the given process.

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